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Secured Commercial Property Loan Note

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  • Fixed 8.5% Annual Return on Investment
  • Fixed term ending 31st August 2023
  • Eligible for IFISA
  • Min. £5,000 entry available
  • Multiple revenue streams through investment property, leisure operations and consultancy
  • Partners include the new leisure venture from leisure entrepreneur David Lloyd - Adrenaline World

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About Daily Investor

We specialise in providing our clients with access to carefully selected UK investment providers across a whole range of markets including residential and commercial property. With our direct relationships with providers, we are able to present opportunities that the private investor cannot gain access to on their own. 

Boost Your Annual Income

Investor Security

High Rate Interest payments can be made at Quarterly, Bi-annually or Annual intervals

The security is a charge over all assets of the issuer which can include property

Explore Opportunities

An investment consultant can assist you by showing you potential opportunities for your consideration

Looking for a secured & fixed return on your investment?

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Investment Benefits

Fixed Returns

Fixed 8.5% Annual Return on Investment

Fixed Term Investment

The investment has a fixed term of 5 years - ending 31st August 2023

Quarterly Interest

Interest is payable quarterly in arrears 

Track Record

Experienced team with a strong track record in property and leisure operations

Low Entry Level

A low entry level with strong returns - invest from just £5,000

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Looking for a secured & fixed return on your investment?

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Earn a Fixed Return of 8.5% per annum

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